Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The effectiveness of a good nurse is amazing. Mom's body is adjusting to new blood and working on 1 kidney, but she has been too active mentally. Not enough mental rest, the day nurse says, so we shoo'd the morning visitors out and let her sleep through the day. Ahhh!!! She was able to get some rest today due to a great respiratory therapist and good, bossy nurse who is able to stand up to Mommma's demands. Good, Better, GREAT!!! Sleep!!! Physical therapy is now the next hurdle - we cannot have atrophy - we must have activity in the muscles. Especially the hands.

Pray for comfort and Mom's responsive nature to the demands of the medical team. They are fully cognizant of her independent nature and the fact that she lives alone. Their goal is for her to get back to that level of living. Great medical team!

always singing,

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