Monday, November 16, 2009

Yesterday was one of those days where difficult conversations abound and laughter soothes a worried soul. With Grant in town, we decided it would be a good time to tell Mom her prognosis. She wants us to shoot straight with her. Remember, Glenda Cole has not one ounce of give up in her body. Grant talked to Dr. Scott on the phone at 1pm - it just wasn't the right time. Grant was able to visit with Mom. Pat and Maury Dennis came up to visit for a bit. Then the 3 of us kids went in for a visit with Vince. We ended up just laughing and joking with Mom. She kept telling us that her butt hurt - that bed is not comfortable - so it was cause for much laughter. As we were leaving at 2pm, the doctor came running down the hall trying to catch us before we left. He made a special trip up to the hospital to be with us and tell Mom her prognosis. She took it very well, but still said "my butt hurts."

Her prognosis? I have shared some of it, but not all. Dr. Scott is certain that this cancer will kill Mother. He is very honest, but has wonderful bedside manner. On Friday, he predicted at worst she has 8 months to live, at best 5 years. But yesterday, he told us that the lab results did test positive for the cancer being in her lymph nodes.

Her attitude alone may save her, but her body is fighting against it.

Later, I was with her alone and she said to me "Did I die? Did the doctor say that I died." No. I told her. He didn't say that she died, but she came very close to it during surgery because her blood pressure got so low. I told her that the surgery last 10 hours, she was under anesthesia for 11 hours and that was the reason for the ventilator. I told her that most of the surgery was spent restoring her blood loss. They put 4 units of blood in her body during surgery - that's a lot. She took all of it very well, but I could tell that she wasn't pleased with it.

All in all, she remains in good spirits.

always singing,

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