Saturday, November 14, 2009

We have completed our first 24 hours of ICU. Hopefully, we only have 36-48 more hours of it. They are taking the ventilator out tomorrow and it should be about 24hrs afterwards that Mother is moved to a regular room.

I made it to every visitation today. It is interesting to be in a waiting room with a room full of people anxious to see their loved one. To talk to them, hold their hand (after we sanitize them, of course), change the channel, or just sit and listen to them breathe. We all have a common purpose - someone we love is in ICU.

Today, Mom was very alert in the morning, but less as the day went on. It seems that her sedation/pain meds have been increased as she is being weaned off the ventilator - prepping for tomorrow morning. I talked to the pulmonologist (the lung machine guy), Dr. Ameen, who was very certain that he would remove the breathing tube sometime tomorrow morning. Mom has been asking for ICE - her throat is so dry. So, I asked her if she wanted me to bring her Sonic Ice. Her eyes got really big and excited. The Doctor asked me "What is so special about this Sonic Ice? I have never heard of it." Sonic Ice - crushed ice in pellet form - so wonderful!!! Her swelling from surgery is reducing somewhat, esp. in her face and core body. Her hands are still very swollen. She wants her socks off, but they are generating circulation so they stay on.

Mom likes the room to be cold and air to be blowing, so the day nurse, Janie, found her a fan. Linda Joy, Phyllis the night nurse, and I cleaned it up tonight - free of dust bunnies.

In the meantime of sitting with Mom in ICU, Linda Joy and I have taken up EZ knitting. I have a blue scarf that is about 14-16 inches so far. Linda Joy is working (frustrated) on a green hat. It may become my 2nd project.

Tomorrow, Grant, Jennifer and the boys will be here for the 1pm visitation. It will be nice to have all 3 of us together again. Mom will love that!

Mom is still fingerspelling everything, but I am sure that tomorrow she will tell us everything we missed. It has been a good day and we have jumped 1 hurdle. Thanks to Ann Forsthoff, Janet Newcomb, Mary Margaret Snodgrass, and Linda Zarnosky for coming to visit today. Thanks to Mary Margaret for praying so mightily over Mom. Thanks to Janet & Linda Lou for just holding her hand. And thanks to Ann for talking about everyday stuff - poetry, gardening, flowers. All of these things matter to Glenda. We hope to see more of you soon. When Mom is in a regular room, we'll post those details here.

always singing,

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