Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nov. 12, 2009

I received the report from the cardiologist this morning.... and my heart is in FINE shape. Ticking like the old ticker is suppose too. Their comment was "A very healthy heart". I wonder if I should have said "I told you so"? Nope..... Just giving God the Glory for all things. That's the best way to handle that.

I am suppose to be at St Joseph Hospital in Bryan Friday morning at 9:30 and at this time the surgery is scheduled for 12:00 but that could change depending on other schedules, emergencies etc. So I will hurry up and wait.

A verse that I have stood strong on for many many years is Philippians 4:13..."I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me." We, each of us, can accomplish ANYTHING when we turn it over to the Lord and LEAVE IT WITH HIM. That's my sermon for the day........... and I'm sticking to it.

Have a blessed day!!!
Love ya, Glenda

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