Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday is a busy day at the hospital - you get to see everyone in action. Doctors making rounds, pharm D's training each other, case managers asking questions, physical therapists making you move, and lots of visitors.

Many people visited today: Tom & Caroline, Linda P., Sharon T., Janet N., Carolyn B., Claudia J., Bob B., Melissa E., David G., Ronny J., Chuck & Jacob. It was a very social day. She wants to do more than she is physically able to do.

We'll call today Cranky Day - we all have them, don't we? Today was that day for Glenda. The med staff is making her do more to be active. Sit up on the bed, hold her water cup, raise her arms, use her legs to move when shifting on the bed....And her incision causes quite a bit of pain in the midst of it. She does not like to be told that her visitors have to leave, her blood pressure spikes up when she asks "BUT WHY?" She loves when her visitors pray for her. But she doesn't understand why she can't have what she wants immediately - ice, covers off, fan on, pain pump in hand, ice, water, ice, etc., etc., etc.....Meds + pain + exhaustion + movement = cranky. Those days have to happen.

Tonight, after Melissa left, I just opened the hymnal (it's her own personal GREEN Baptist Hymnal, go figure) and began singing. She sang along with me. At one point, I began singing What a Friend We Have in Jesus and Mom said "No, No, No. Sing His Eye Is On the Sparrow" That one's not in the hymnal - luckily I know it by heart - but she fed me the words as we went along right down to "His eye is on that precious, tiny sparrow". Precious & tiny, she added with emphasis. It was a precious moment. She told me "You can't leave until I say. After the 2nd announcement." I told her that she raised a rule follower, so I would leave on the 1st announcement. She said "No, I've listened, they announce it 2 times!" I sang for about 30 minutes, just flipping through the hymnal and she would talk-sing along with me. It seemed to calm both of us. I finally left about 9pm.

Please pray for Mom's comfort and pray that she will continually be more active. We need to jump the CCU (ICU) hurdle.

always singing,

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