Friday, November 6, 2009

Nov 6 Report

I saw Dr. Scott Thursday afternoon. He did a cystoscopy and determined that there were no cancerous cells in the wall of my bladder or urethra. Praise the Lord for that. He was very pleased also. We looked at the MRI and it looked much like the CT Scan. He did say that the cancer cells had traveled into the aorta but he feels that he will be successful in removing all of it. I really like my Dr. One of the first questions I asked him was "Are you a follower of Jesus Christ?" He looked at me funny and said, "Well, Yes I am", I said "GOOD". He said what if I had said "no". I told him "then I would have been out of here and we would have found a Dr who was a believer." He just grinned.
Yesterday while he was doing the procedure, my cell phone rang over and over again. He said, "your phone sure rings alot." I told him "Yep, I have a large group of friends praying for me". And I looked him straight in the eye and I said,"You need to know that I am praying for you! I'm praying for your nurses and assistants and the people at the hospital but mostly Im praying for you and your skill." He got a tear in his eye and said,"Im praying for you too."
That was really cool. I told him he would have a big group to answer to the day of my surgery. Things are going good. I feel great.

I hope everyone will keep on praying. I treasure your prayers. God is so good. He is the Divine Physician.

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