Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nov. 3, 2009

Today I should have been in Branson MO. But the bus left without me. I just couldn't make the trip even though I sure wanted to go.

I went to the urologist yesterday at 1:30 then my family dr at 4:20. Urologist removed the catheter and talked to me for a bit. Discussing the MRI etc. Then I went to Dr. Ackerman. She had to give them the go ahead for the EKG because it shows the heart attack that I had that I never knew I had. Every time I have surgery it shows up. She said I might have to go to a cartologist for him to read it for sure.

Then today, I had the MRI and I will see the Urol. on Thursday for him to tell me the outcome of that. Thank you Linda Adams Prock for taking me to that appointment. It sure was good to see you.

Tescille and Steve and Grant and Jennifer came Sunday to visit and it was a wonderful day. Grant's twins Mikey and John were here and Chuck brought BaiLee and Jacob over to see the boys. We had a grand time. I was blessed by their visit and hope to see them again soon.

Guess thats all for tonight. I will write more after the Dr's appointment on Thursday.

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