Saturday, November 14, 2009

I went to the hospital this morning for the 5:30-6:30am visitation. Linda Joy was there as well. When we walked in the room, Mom opened her eyes. The nurse said that she has been awake on/off since midnight, but that she really needs to sleep. Her blood pressure is in a normal range right now. Last night, it was very low.

Mom wanted a pen to write with, but she couldn't hold it. She began fingerspelling everything. That's a blessing and a curse b/c she can communicate with us, but it is difficult to get through it and it makes her very tired.

She is frustrated b/c her throat is dry and she thinks that she has phlegm. The nurse did an phlegm extraction, but nothing came out. So, Mom was not happy b/c we can't get to it. She keeps asking for ICE. She can't have that right now, so another thing to frustrate her.

We read her the prayergrams that have been received at the house and told her all about yesterday while we were waiting on her surgery. There were so many people that came to the hospital yesterday, I had to get the phone out to look at the pictures - glad we took pictures of everyone! I told Mom that we took a picture of her tumor - her eyes got real big. I told her that we sent her iPhone into surgery for that one. She was very surprised. I told that we passed some time yesterday watching super-flexible Linda Adams Prock put her legs behind her head - she got the big eyes again and rolled them!

We talked to her for about an hour. So, I am going back up there now for another visitation.

always singing,

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